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I'm Go Find Me Between Blood Moon

I'm go to find me when sun rises thirst
Red moon amniotic an orange
I saw me blue porters block
Swing into the sky,
Stars turn into purple.

I go looking for me in melodious guitar sound
Flickering flames, yearning passions
I see: I am alone among the jungle
Yellow moon watching over the green of the leaves.

Clouds on the lake in very strange
Wind whole flying to the sky
Night is the night life from eternity
Subscribe looked with keen eyes haunting.

Night suddenly shrill voice laughing
Impact into nothingness, torn ruins
Desolate push back to the jungle
Dispel blood moon,
I went into the illusion domain. 


Vu Minh Hue 


What is blood moon?
Blood Moon Total Lunar Eclipse or the normal astronomical phenomenon when the moon enters the Earth's shadow and obscuring the source of sunlight. There's blood red moon is due to light from the lunar surface when refracted through the Earth's atmosphere and turn into glowing red through the human eye (like red dye mechanism whenever dawn sky and sunset).
In the book of Christian familiar also mentioned phenomena associated with blood moon doomsday, disaster ...
One of the familiar books of Christianity - the book 'Revelation' record: "And when he opened the sixth seal, I saw a terrible earthquake happened, the sun went black as a sack made with black hair, the whole moon became like blood red. " 
In the 'Old Testament' also wrote: "Before the apocalypse is blood red moon ...". Christians believe in a legend, Blood Moon is a punishment from God - that is the way people express outrage against humanity. And lunar eclipse images are also associated with the image of Jesus' death on the cross.
In Buddhism, the phenomenon of blood moon topped 7 tribulation may occur. Tribulation ranked No. 1 is called "the most lunar interior," is the change in color of the Moon the Sun, the Moon, including blood. When this occurs, the disaster will hit, destroying the lives of the people of peace.
According to the article on page EarthSky.org of experts in this field - Deborah Byrd, first blood moon falls in 2003 - 2004. And in addition to this session on June 4/4, would have up to 7 times the phenomenon appear until 2100.

translation from    http://vpec.vn

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